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Sherpa Sites enters beta phase

Our team here at Trail Sherpa has been working very hard on this platform since we starting tossing around the idea more than 6 months ago.

Beta testing will be performed by a small group of outdoor bloggers and brands and will last 7 days.  Following this beta phase, our team will make any necessary adjustments and enhancements and then open the Sherpa Sites platform to everyone that would like to create a new outdoor website or blog.  Public release will be in early March.

The Sherpa Sites platform allows users to easily create a website or blog in a matter of minutes.  Each site is created with a base theme which can then be customized for a unique look and feel.  Users have complete control over menus, sidebars, page designs, and more.  As a web design team we are also here to help the site owners on the Sherpa Sites network make their sites their own.  Domain mapping allows site owners to use any domain they want and custom themes are something we are already getting requests for.

We were inspired in the very beginning of this journey by the desire to help hikers, backpackers, and small custom gear makers tell their stories online.  There is a need to help small gear makers find buyers for their products in the early stages of development for their products.  Many times these products fill a need that is overlooked by the larger gear manufacturers.  We also see that many weekend adventurers have great stories to share and we wanted to create something that would give them the ability to do just that.

As the project began to take shape we realized that there was an even bigger opportunity for us to help.  Sherpa Sites could do more than just power ecommerce storefronts and blogs (which it most certainly does).  We realized that it could also help to expose the products and content created by the members of the Sherpa Sites community.  The result is a collection of global feeds that are dynamically generated on Trail Sherpa.  That means that any trail report, gear review, trail recipe, blog post, or product that is created on a Sherpa Site will be displayed on the global feed on Trail Sherpa.  We will display an excerpt of the post with a featured image, title, and brief description that will allow our visitors to click through to the Sherpa Site that created it.  This means traffic and exposure for all Sherpa Sites members!

If your website could benefit from ecommerce integration or increased exposure from a network of similar outdoor sites and blogs you should consider Sherpa Sites.  We’re building a community of sorts, a group of outdoor bloggers and brands.  We hope you join us.

Look for the public release of Sherpa Sites in early March.  You can pre-register now if you’d like to save a few bucks.  There’s now obligation so you might as well do it.

About Tim Miner

I'm the founder of Vestor Logic, the digital strategy and web design firm that created Trail Sherpa, ParksFolio, and Modern Steader. I'm a day hiker, top chef in camp, doting husband, and father to two headlamp wearing boys. My work in digital media brings those experiences to life.