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New blog series: Digital Cairns

Digital Cairns

Cairns are a familiar part of the outdoor experience for virtually every hiker or backpacker.  These man made markers help to identify routes and approaches in an often confusing landscape.  They have a history that permeates nearly every corner of the world, really anywhere adventurous types have desired to explore.

But moving forward here at Trail Sherpa Design, cairns will take on a more digital identity.  Our new blogs series, Digital Cairns, will explore the signs, markers, and indicators that have led outdoor bloggers and brands to find success online.  This series will include use cases, case studies, and anecdotes from the bloggers and online adventurers that have been able to elevate their blogs and websites above the crowd.

So stay tuned for the stories to come and if you have an idea for a story or know someone that’s got a great story to tell please share it in the comments.

About Tim Miner

I'm the founder of Vestor Logic, the digital strategy and web design firm that created Trail Sherpa, ParksFolio, and Modern Steader. I'm a day hiker, top chef in camp, doting husband, and father to two headlamp wearing boys. My work in digital media brings those experiences to life.